Continuing the tradition, Coleman & Horowitt, LLP once again hosted a group of students for the CART Law Lab Job Shadowing day. This year’s visit was organized by Keith White, Kelsey Seib, and Stephanie Dunn. The day started off with a tour of the office and highlighted necessary requirements for a functioning law firm.

After the tour, the students went to the conference room for breakfast and to listen to the scheduled speakers. First, Brady McGuinness spoke to the students about his work with real estate law and how he wears a variety of “hats” as a transactional attorney and real estate broker. Next, Sherrie Flynn spoke about Intellectual Property Law, including her work with patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Sheryl Noel discussed current issues in employment law, workers compensation, and her work with debt collection. Stephanie Dunn discussed different undergraduate majors and the various paths one can take prior to attending law school, as well as, estate planning and transactional work. Kelsey Seib went over Bankruptcy law, her experience as a young lawyer, and what it is like to go to court. Darryl Horowitt spoke about running a law firm, the challenges that can arise, and the rewards that come with working with a great group of people, attorneys and staff included. Jennifer Poochigian spoke about her work as a litigator and the Appeals process. Paul Parvanian focused on his teaching experience and the differences between an attorney and a paralegal.

During lunch Keith, Kelsey, and Stephanie opened it up to questions and shared memorable stories and life lessons. Coleman & Horowitt is happy to have been able to participate again this year and hopes to one day welcome the CART students into the legal arena.