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Unfortunately, many of us at one time or another, will be a victim of an automobile accident which was simply not our fault. If you are injured, the law provides that you may be entitled to recover monetary damages for hospital expenses, medical treatment, prescriptions, lost wages, and other damages for pain and suffering. The amount of such damages differs based upon your injuries.

This memorandum outlines certain issues you should be aware of.

The above is meant only to highlight certain issues you should be aware of; it is not an exhaustive list of every issue that may arise in the event of any injury. We recommend that if you have any questions, you should speak with an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases.

We at Coleman & Horowitt, LLP regularly provide representation to injured parties. We would be pleased to discuss any questions you may have regarding this memorandum. If any such questions should arise, please feel free to call either Darryl J. Horowitt or Lucille G. Dimmick at (559) 248-4820, or by e-mail at dhorowitt@ch-law.com or ldimmick@ch-law.com

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