“The Office of Environmental Health Hazard
Assessment has adopted a No Significant Risk Level of 1100 micrograms per day forglyphosate. This means that exposures to glyphosate below 1100micrograms per day are not considered a significant risk of cancer for purposesof Proposition 65 and would not require a warning. Safe-harbor levels helpbusinesses determine when a warning is required for exposures to listedchemicals. Once the warning requirement takes effect on July 7, 2018,businesses with 10 or more employees who cause exposures above the safe harbor levelmay need to provide warnings. Enforcement of the warning requirement iscurrently thesubject of pending federal litigation that may affect the duty towarn for glyphosate exposures.  See National Association of Wheat Growerset al., v Lauren Zeise, et al. (Eastern District of California, Case #2:17-cv-02401-WBS-EFB).  A preliminary injunction has been issued in that case prohibiting enforcement of the warning requirement by the California Attorney General and OEHHA.  The case is still pending in the Federal District Court.”