Assembly Bill 1583, Fresno Law firmThe Governor signed AB No. 1583. The bill that would allow discovery of the basis for the certificate of merit in a 60 Day Notice was signed by the governor:

If the notice made by a person bringing an action in the public interest alleges a violation of the act’s warning requirement, existing law requires that the notice include a certificate of merit stating that the person executing the certificate has consulted with one or more persons with relevant and appropriate experience or expertise who has reviewed facts, studies, or other data regarding the exposure to the listed chemical that is the subject of the action, and that, based on that information, the person believes there is a reasonable and meritorious case for the private action.

Existing law requires factual information sufficient to establish the basis of the certificate of merit to be attached to the certificate of merit that is served on the Attorney General.

This bill would require, if the Attorney General believes there is no merit to the action after reviewing the factual information sufficient to establish the basis for the certificate of merit and meeting and conferring with the noticing party regarding the basis for the certificate of merit, the Attorney General to serve a letter to the noticing party and the alleged violator stating the Attorney General believes there is no merit to the action, as specified.


This bill would make the basis for the certificate of merit discoverable to the extent that the information is relevant to the subject matter of the action and not subject to the attorney-client privilege, the attorney work product privilege, or any other legal privilege.

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