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Intellectual Property Law

Coleman & Horowitt has one of the premier intellectual property and technology law practices in California. The firm provides a wide range of services for the protection of the intellectual property of our clients. We have expertise in technology law, online defamation, defense, and Section 230 matters, start ups, and other issues facing start-ups.

The Rate of Invention is Staggering

I just received my 150th issued US patent. That kind of landmark tends to trigger a look back. My first patent was number 6,756,879 and my 150th was patent number 9,166,974 -- meaning 2.41 million patents issued between my first and my 150th. To get a sense of the...

TPP Intellectual Property Chapter Leaked

Wikileaks has released the intellectual property chapter of the current draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. This agreement addresses how member nations deal with trademarks, copyrights, utility patents, plant patents, drug and medical patents and drug...