In this webinar, Darryl Horowitt and Sheryl Noel discuss steps your business can take to reduce your exposure to businesses who do not pay.  They also discuss remedies you have once a customer defaults, including remedies in bankruptcy court.

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Watch it Here:

Jump to various sections in the presentation. Times for the beginning of each section are below:

  • How to Avoid a Collections Problem – 3:39
  • Identifying a Collections Problem – Don’t Let it Get Started – 11:29
  • Steps to Take if a Collection Problem Arises – 14:51
  • Legal Remedies – 22:55
  • Alternatives to Litigation – You Mean I Don’t Have to Sue? – 50:30
  • Bankruptcy Issues – Yes, You Can Do Something in Bankruptcy – 53:49

Presentation Slides are Available Here: